Trimble EMPOWER Modules

Flexible, Expandable & Future Proof Data Collection for Trimble EMPOWER Platforms

The Trimble EMPOWER family includes EMPOWER handhelds and tablets with built in EMPOWER module bays that have a common interface across all EMPOWER devices, allowing you to maximize your investment with a flexible, expandable platform. You can customize your EMPOWER solution even further by creating your own EMPOWER module made for your specific requirements.Trimble EMPOWER Modules include a Barcode Imager Module, Barcode Imager/ RFID combo Module and a Sub-Meter GNSS receiver Module. The Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program empowers 3rd party developers to create innovative module solutions for rugged Trimble EMPOWER handhelds and tablets making a truly customized, one-of-a kind rugged data collection device, giving the confidence of knowing that your investment is scalable for future needs. Buy Now


Compatible with the Ranger 7, Yuma 7 and Nomad 5

RFID Reader

Long read range, high accuracy and ability to read multiple EPCglobal GEN2 and/or AEI tags even in crowded conditions.

Barcode Imager

Rapid scanning, omni-directional and multi-code reading. High read rates under any orientation for real world use conditions.

GNSS Module

GNSS Module

Compatible with the Ranger 7, Yuma 7 and Nomad 5

Sub-meter positioning

Integrated GNSS receiver delivers data accuracy, reliability, and quality---all in the palm of your hand.

Integrated L1 Antenna

No need for an external antenna, cables, extra equipment, or poles.


Future Proof Investment

Trimble Modules are designed to work across all of our EMPOWER base platforms, available now and in the future. If you require more functionality later on, you don’t need to buy a whole new handheld, just add on a module.


The modules are easily swappable in the field and office for changing workflows, and multiple modules can be combined on EMPOWER Platforms that have 2 module bays.

Lower Cost

No need to pay for features you don’t need. Buy the base platform and upgrade functionality with modules later if necessary. We’ve moved the higher cost components to modules to lower the cost of the handheld and make upgrading easier.

Cross Platform Support

Trimble EMPOWER Modules are supported multiple devices, including our Android Nomad 5” handheld, Windows 10 Yuma 7” tablet, and Windows 10 Ranger 7” handheld with full keyboard.

Open Platform for Development

By joining the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program, you get access to Module Development Kits and Software Development Kits that allow you to create your own unique solution. Prototype and prove a solution concept quickly without the need to design an entire handheld, lowering the barrier to the rugged handheld market.

Ready for Custom Workflows

What are your data collections needs? Barcode, RFID, GNSS? We have you covered with the available Trimble modules. Android or Windows 10 OS? We have you covered with Trimble base platforms. Custom workflows using custom sensors? We have you covered with the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program.

Customize your Modules with the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program

Build your own solution without making the entire handheld computer. With a Trimble EMPOWER Module Development Kit (MDK) and Software Development Kits (SDK), you can demonstrate and create customer solutions with minimal investment and risk.

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Customize your Modules with the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program